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This is 1 of the best thing I ever done with my hair...😁

Now you don't have to send your hair to United States to donate hair, since already a temporary shelter for your hair in Jakarta, before they send it to Locks & Love in United State...😘😍

It simple, it faster, it's very fast response, & obiously I have none connection with it...🤣

If you wanna donated your hair in Indonesia, you can check

Hair Donated Indonesia

Last year, suddenly I have strong feeling to donated my hair.
It's very uneasy for me because I have traumatic experience with short hair. I have long hair since I was a little, almost never have a short hair & I always have very long hair for almost 20 years... so it's already became like an identity for me...

If you have something together with you for almost 20 years, it's very uneasy, at least for me to let it go...
It tooks more than half year for me to make a decision and wait for the right timing...

At the right timing, according to my feeling, I cut my long hair with my own hair, without a doubt, without a tears & without a think to be honestly...🤣🤣

Hair Donated Jakarta

Surprisingly... I fell FREEDOM...🤣🤣 like new born with new identity... which obiously suits me better at this moment...😍😍 and I can wait to have long hair again, so I can donated anymore...🤣🤣🤣

My advice if you don't like short hair like me:
1. Just wait until your hair still long enough for you after you cut min 25-30cm 🤣
2. Prepared good straightened.... 🤣🤣
That's it...🤣🤣🤣

I am very happy because a little part of me, can be "something" for someone else, make them smile & happy...😁😍😁

I have nothing to do with https://4lol2020.blogspot.com/ since I just 1 of their hair donator... 😁
Hopefully, more people can inspired to donated their hair & more children can be helped...😇
I pray, we soon have organisation like this in Indonesia to help Indonesian children...😘😍

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